MMSD Airport / Heavy Aircraft

Hello, I was planning on doing the TUI flight from Los Cabos to London, but I realized that MMSD airport in the game does not have any starting positions for heavy aircraft. In real life, this flight is operated by a B787. It’s a fairly new route since November 2019. Just wanted to point that out :)

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Hmmm there’s nothing we can really do about that apart from IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) fixing that problem

Fortunately, MMSD was recently redone.

MMSD has been redone, strange it doesn’t hold a 787. For now @AliAlex, I suggest flying into MMSD from MM15 which is the next closest airport.

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The original editor has been notified and he will fix it.


Really? Well that’s pretty tragic then…

That’s an unfortunate truth but changed won’t happen until there is a proper change with the airport itself and is displayed in satellite imagery.

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