MMPR Terminal Spotting

Hello community, here are a few pics I took while waiting to board my flight in Puerto Vallarta. All pics were taken with an iPhone 7. I apologize for the quality.

American 737 resting before heading off to Chicago

Frontier A320 “Buck the Pronghorn” livery pushing back for Denver

WestJet 737-800 on the apron after arriving from Edmonton

VivaAerobus A320Neo chilling on the apron

United A319 slowing down on runway 22 from Denver

Delta A320 waiting to taxi in while the United exits the runway in the background

And finally:
Nice tail lineup at terminal B, waiting for pushback

Enjoy :)


Nice photos

Also I have to be ‘that guy’ but maybe try and take your photos in landscape next time


Great photos! Flying out of MMPR today!


Just flew out of there a couple days ago. Did you notice how they push you all the way out of the alley and turn you around. Very interesting strategy. Nice pics!

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Great stuff. Terminal spotting is way underrated honestly

Wow…nice pics!!! (;

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