MMMX - KLAX Group Flight

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I’ll come! sounds fun

Hey there,nice to see u want to fly with someone
Please give credit to the photo u put in here
And give some more details to your flight

Is this an event your hosting?

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He is TL0 so he is unable to post in the #live:events cat


Hey, I understand you are new this community and you need to be TL2 in order to post this event in #live:events. Here more information, About the events category

I’m not sure he wants to make it an event. Theres no gate assignments, no exact start time, and it’s in the Casual Server. I believe he is just announcing that he will be doing that flight and if other people want to join, well then they can join.

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I would love to join, but I still have four hours on my YSSY-KLAX flight ;/