MMMX-KGLA Amazing views!

 Amazing views!


I did the 31 express way visual, (it’s quite hard to do in a 757) I had one go around. On the second approach I floated the whole runway and bricked it sadly madly. This was on Expert server.


Hey! Cool photos! I would just read this post on photos: About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED

Hey! Those are some nice shots, though unfortunately you can’t have the UI, or player names in your photos. See the category rules here :) you should be good if you just remove those photos, and leave the others

Edit: everything looks good! Thanks!

hey there check the rules please for #screenshots-and-videos About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED - #3

Yes I know I know, I didn’t mean to add the photos but thanks for telling me!

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I saw you edited the post right before I posted my message 😂. cool shots!

Unfortunately, only one #screenshots-and-videos is permitted a day