MMMX A380 gate correction

Hey guys, as you may know the A380 operated in MMMX some years ago, and it was a really big challenge, the airport had to change many things to make that happened, the A380 in MMMX can only operate at the gate 33A on terminal 1, and in IF there’s many more gates to spawn, and that’s not how it works in real life, there’s a way to fix this?.


There is no way to fix it yourself, you can let the IFAE know and they should fix it next month

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Can you share one member of them?

I don’t know where to find them 😂

Hmm, you can find MANY here

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Former editor here:
In the editing program, they cannot select specific aircraft variants to spawn at gates. IFAET select a size based on a projected profile of the smallest aircraft in that category. Even if the maximum size or aircraft in that category is too big, they still add it in so the smaller one can fit. They also don’t base edits on realism.
Basically, this likely won’t be fixed to how you like it. :(


Nooooo :(

But it’s okay, I guess…

Thank you anyway 👍

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The same happens with the T2 gates. Rn you can only use 2 gates for heavys at T2

It’s not just about the max spawn size that we can fit, Infinite Flight also decides to +1 the spawn sizes of certain spawns (no idea why), so don’t be alarmed if you can spawn as a 737 in a hangar designed for a C172.

For MMMX, T1 33A seems to be the only gate which is A380-compatible. So not much realism is spoiled here 😀


I am on IFAET member they didn’t add me to the list lol

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You have to fill out the form to get added.

I been in IFAET for 3 months now

Not surprise if this is actually related to the jet bridges rather that the parking spot size? IFAET probably just checks if the spot is wide enough and assign categories that way.

That’s right, the A380 is only capable to operate in that gate by its size, no other gate has the enough space for the A380 in MMMX
And on IF is not correct.

On our editing software, it gives us the silhouette of the type of aircraft. So your correct in a way. Although sometimes it’s inaccurate because there are multiple aircraft in a category. Here’s an example :)

Yeah I realized A380 has a much larger wingspan than B748
And if I use measure disatnce on google maps, some of the gates are indeed wide enough for the B748 but no the A380.

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IF goes by categories. That means if a gate is wide enoigh for the 748 (69m) it will allow a 380 (80m) to spawn.

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