MLW limits

I need some advice on how to know how much fuel I need on long-haul flights, where can I find that information? Also I came in for a landing today in Paris but the airplane load was in Orange, does orange mean that it is still overweight? And also, how strict is the MLW, is it a few hundred pounds below what it actual is to give pilots a buffer?

Using and Simbrief can give you the exact amount of fuel that you need.

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I just go with the time said on the Weight and Balance menu. If your aircraft is above MLW even by a little bit, it’s best you dump fuel if the aircraft you’re flying has an option for that.


Thank you, the main problem was I was flying a crj-200 and I was over MLW and you can’t fuel dump. Do you know the procedure of flying a holding pattern?

It’s just flying ovals over an airport at an adequate speed and altitude.

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Easy enough. Use another question I have, and I know this is probably going to make me sound like a amateur which I kind of ham but I have a very hard time staying on the taxi lines. I don’t know why I use the rudder two obviously steer the plane while on the ground and they stay usually around 25 knots for ground speed. Do you have any advice or do I just suck driving?

If you’re on a taxi line, you’re bound to go off it in the long run, it’s just using small rudder movements if you think you’re about to go off course.

Thank you, and one last thing I can think of question wise is what is it with when you’re about to take off, you at V2 and all of sudden the plane veers to the left or to the right? I’m trying to practice and get ready for the expert server but obviously that’s extremely unprofessional

I don’t know what that means either. It’s probably just rocking. It’s not realistic to rock side to side anyway after taking off.

No I mean usually it’s still on the ground like right when I’m about to take off I start to rotate in the plane just beers Off The Runway very fast

Veers* sorry

Ah that. That’s how it is with crosswinds. You will veer to the opposite side of the direction of the wind. You should be using your rudder to turn in the direction of the wind to correct the veering.

Thank you, sorry the more I ask the more I realize how it’s more, let me know if I’m boring you but here’s something that will also make me sound stupid. At an airport when the wind is say at hdg 200@20knots does that mean that the wind is coming from that heading or is blowing into that heading haha?

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Coming from that heading. You’re not boring me in any way. I like to help. :)

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Thank you, would you be interested in flying behind me and Carousel server just to see how well I do and comment on it? I am very bored in this quarantine

Check out Tyler’s tutorial here:

I’m currently doing another flight unfortunately. Sorry :/

Nah ur good

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