MLW for A320

hi IFC,
i am just wandering what the MLW is in the a320 because i think i might have to decend to burn more fuel
thanks @Marcus1

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actually doesnt matter i just got under MLW at TOD

66,000 kg (146,000 lb)

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Seems that your issue is resolved. Anyways I have the data:

78,000 Kg/ 171, 961 Lbs 66,500kg/ 146, 607 Lbs
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It says it when you change the weight and balance. All info about MLW and TOW is there

For future reference, to check if you’re below MLW for any aircraft, head to the multifunction bar at the bottom and select one of the options as “Airplane Load”. If the load is red, you are above MTOW; if it’s orange, you are above MLW; and if it’s white then you’re below MLW.

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