Mkwiecek’s Spotting Year in Review

It appears I’m a little late to the trend of spotting review topics, but I would consider this year to be quite fruitful for myself. I definitely enjoyed the brisk cold of last winter, and my summer was occupied with work, so this is mostly an all over the place topic.

I started a year off with a banger, catching the United Her Art California livery on January 2nd

Speaking of all over the place, this year saw me call a new continent home. I’m now mostly residing in Poland as I am in flight school there. It would be rude not to include a shot from my Warsaw trip

Back to America and back to January, the O’Hare Airport Watch was invited to go airside at Rockford Airport to take some pictures of an Ilyushin IL-76 which came in from Belgium with cereal making equipment. Definitely was something for the memory books

Now back to mostly normal shots from O’Hare, this picture has one huge plus in it. Can you find it?

Another typical shot is a shot of this China Airlines Cargo 747-400f climbing out of O’Hare on a snow-covered day, which gave a great reflection

Who doesn’t mind a little bit of golden hour spotting?

A shot of a livery which I absolutely love, as it is a little thank you to all the employees who get Delta planes in the sky. While I didn’t work at Delta, I did work an airport job over the summer, and all I will say is that it is not easy

Another average shot, but one with some background. This was taken on the second to last day before the BB-8 livery was retired. A very sad day for the plane which was basically based in Chicago.

Why not some night shots? This was an American A319 which was getting de-iced at the western de-icing pad, which is a nice new spot at O’Hare

Rotating out of 2022 and into a new year, I hope for the best for all, that the year may be fruitful in whatever you desire, and good health in the new year!


Holy smokes! Imo the best among these stunning pics!

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Nice shots!!!

This took me way longer then it should have

Amazing shots! Nice diversity. Love those golden hour ones of course.

Thank you!

Thank you!

better to find it later than never though!

Thank you. I haven’t used any of these against you in the spotting comp, so you’re in for a surprise


I was already worried enough :| .

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If you’re curious, try to find it in my 2020 spotting review

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I mean I already know I’ve lost but sure, I got nothing better to do anyway :) .

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