MKJP IFATC Timelapse | Ground + Tower

MKJP IFATC Timelapse

Hello everyone! I’m sorry about the stuttering in the start/middle of the video but I hope you still enjoy! This time-lapse focuses mainly on the Ground and Tower side of things instead of approach. You cannot see anyone get ghosted in this so if someone disappears it’s because they left. Enjoy!

Ground, Tower and ATIS: @Ash_Rand
Approach: @Darius_Glover

Inspired by the wonderful ATCEG. I love 'em ;)



An IFATC officer once made this for me to use as a wall paper, I think it is a time lapse photo. Do you think you could make one?

Like this


Yes, the picture you just posted is the thumbnail of a time lapse video from the ATC Education YouTube channel.

This is a very interesting time lapse, seems like there is continuous patterns going on there :/

Thanks Guys! I personally don’t know how to make that but I may know someone who can…


Thanks for that! I’ll give it a shot

Thanks to @Cheryl_Tunt I was able to make one! In the first one I tried to combine some of the images and the second one is by itself:


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Looks awesome!!

Thank You!

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