MJP_27's ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ EDDL

Hello everyone! Welocme to my ATC Tracking thread! Here I want to practice my ATC skills! Feedback is always appreciated!

Status: OPEN

Airport: EDDL

Frequencies in Use: Tower and Ground

Runways in Use: 23L, 23R

Notams: N/A


Had to remake another ATC Tracking Thread because I can’t edit the old one


can’t make it this time, feel free to tag next time !

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Ok got it! No problem!

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@MJP_27 I am 342nm away

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Ok got it!

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Me too😉 I am behind someone


Hi I was N17EE , theses are mainly all good sugesstions as there wasn’t anything wrong I’ve seen.

  • Good on the immediate takeoff as the AA flight was 3nm before landing

  • Good on managing all the other traffic , when also managing the people who were doing patterns aswell

Summary - Everything I seen you do was good , keep it up ! And since I didnt really have too much time that why I only done 1 pattern. Have an nice rest of your day.


@MJP_27 thanks for controlling for us

No problem!

Now open at KEWR! Come and stop by to do some patterns!

@Suhas @MrJackT14 @Z-Tube @USA_ATC @SamC @Elefanths @RoBroStar @ItsBlitz @Infinite_Qantas @Davide_Av @Kyle0705 @Kafuryto @Captain_Cign @Choccymilk @Vignesh_S @NathanD @JAR @ZinZowe @Ricky_Bay @ToasterStroodie @nicopizarro @Cameron_M @ColtonS @Pilot_Felix @Captain-787 @Hogwyld @Henry @Stef_Smet @Fung_Sum-sum @Gliding_Central @IFA_Mitch @Pilot_Felix

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Nice to know


Huh? What do you mean by that


I’m already coming in now ill be sure to give some feedback 😉

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expert server?

No. This is for Training Server. All ATC Tracking threads are on TS

ah okay lol

Because I’m feeling the charismas happy spirit! See you there in 5 minuets @MJP_27! :)


I’ll come too after I eat lunch!

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Should I open a neighboring airport? Or just come to yours.

Uhhh. This seperation on this groupflight is horrible

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