Hey everyone! I’m currently in the IFATC Radar Training process and I wanted to make a radar tracking thread. This will be on the training server. Feedback is very appreciated!

Status: CLOSED

Airport: TBA

Frequencies in Use: Radar

Runways in Use: TBA

Notams: Request an ILS, Visual, or Radar Vectors

Things Needed to be Worked on: TBA


Feel free to tag me when you open!

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Tag me when you open up :)

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Tag me when open ❤️

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Status: OPEN at PHOG!

Come and stop by to help me out with Radar!

@nicopizarro @USA_ATC @CrusherTaco

Feel free to add me to your tag list, on the way too!

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You can add me as well!

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Visual approach:

  • Inefficient approach, make me do a circle and onto left downwind. Bring me on an upwind vector and once able turn me towards the airport so i fly over it and onto RDW. Using left downwind makes it harder for yourself but also led to the inefficient approach.

  • Turned far too late to close out the width of my downwind, i was having a scenic tour.

  • Could cut my base much earlier, i went pretty far out for no reason.

  • Speed restriction was nice to fit HB-ANT ahead.


  • Finnair 001VA was cleared for the ILS way too far out, bring them on a slanted base and intercept them much closer.

  • I’d slow Finnair 001VA as they was going a tad fast on final, just to be sure of separation with Acey.

Sorry that i couldn’t do another approach, what let you down was your inefficiency with my approach which led you to let me run out pretty far for no reason. Taking the proposed way may seem longer, but with the way you treated me, this way became the longest and it creates hassle. Thanks Mason!

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Im on my way

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Feedback HB-ANT

Visual Approach

  • 5000ft is too high for a visual approach. DW could have been tighter and at 3K or 4K. Furthermore, 3000ft to loose on base was too much.

  • Duplicate RAIS

ILS Approach

  • Base heading should have been 290° instead of 280°.

  • Missed intercept, and reverse should have been 050° with a lower altitude.

  • You could have made a shorter ILS intercept after the MA (instead of going to the end of the cone).

  • Nice second intercept !

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Thank you so much for the feedback @Antoine_Turrian and @Kedz!


Finnair 001VA Feedback:

  • The turn for intercepting the localizer on the first round was a bit early, so I ended up outside of the cone. You tried correcting yourself, creating a 40° angle, and it still wasn’t enough. I intercepted closer to the airport.

  • Early “report airport in sight” on the visual appr, and as you had to send another vector, you had to send “report airport in sight” after.

  • Early frequency change on the second round, not that bad of an issue though.

That’s all!

Thanks for having me!

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Thank you for the feedback @GBKarp!

And thank you to everyone who came!

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You can still send vectors after asking a pilot to report airport in sight.

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Oh didn’t know that sorry

in that case the second request was unnecessary

No problem!

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Status: OPEN at LIME!

Come and stop by to help me out with Radar!

@nicopizarro @USA_ATC @CrusherTaco @Kedz @GBKarp


In math class sorry 😢

No worries!