MJP_27’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey @MJP_27, I was there yesterday but forgot to write in my feedback.

You did a great job. No issues on my side at all :)

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I’ll be opening KXNA in about 5 minutes!

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I’ll be there


Might as well just tag the whole IFC.😂

I’ll be there for a couple of minutes.

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I have some homework that I have to do but I will be there in about 15-20 minutes.

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Ok got it!

I’ll cya everyone there!

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I’m now open!!

Okieeeeeee cominggggggg

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Sorry I had to go. From what I saw, make sure that you don’t clear someone for takeoff until the other plane is OFF the runway.

Double check your sequencing. I would’ve been able to fit #3 behind the blue streak plane.

Otherwise you it was good.

Good luck with traffic your have now😂

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You tagged an army that you could not handle…

Feel free to send some aircraft to radar patterns, this is wayyyy more than you would normally get on a practical…buttt if you show me you could handle then you’re perfect for your practical then

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N583CF shouldn’t have done that 🤦‍♂️

Feedback: F-RIES

  • 3000ft for Transition at KXNA is too low. It would have conflict with aircraft that are doing patterns over there. 4000ft Transition would’ve been better

First Pattern

  • Great pattern entry
  • Nice sequence & clearance with pattern direction (thumbs up)

Second Pattern

  • Great sequence and clearance
  • It would’ve been better if you told Bluestreak to follow someone on “right base” instead of on “final” because I wasn’t yet on final.

Third Pattern

  • Great sequence and clearance
  • Nice putting me behind Allegiant

Fourth Pattern

  • Perfect Sequence and clearance
  • The runway exit command was ok
  • Great ground awareness

It was a great session for me :). I hope you pass when you have your practical because you did really well despite the unbelievable amount of traffic on the ground. Thanks for having me @MJP_27


Sorry about that @ZinZowe

It’s good, that I hope that cirrus was doing that to test you

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Cause if not then we got some nasty pilots in here

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Ok I see you made a mistake here, your mistake was trying to fit me in. A Cessna’s landing speed is around 60-65kts, an a320s landings speed is around 130kts, it’s not your fault, but you should always try to put slow aircraft behind fast ones

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I’m probably making a lot of mistakes I think

If you were officially IFATC then yeah…but considering that you’re not, it’s ok. This is more traffic than your practical is gonna have.
Also, another mistake, if you cleared me then you don’t have to sequence me again, if you were to do that I think you’d have to cancel landing clearance…i think…I don’t even know what cancel landing clearance is mostly for

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Watch out! C-TJRA and N172ME are likely on a collision track!

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