MJP_27’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I was about to say “report if needed” and just relized that we are on training

N499KL departed without permission

yeah this is training so we can expect that, and the PFI really helps lol, although i can’t report it helps

Right sorry @MJP_27 was just writing @Kamryn feedback :) Lets go and have a look at what you need to work on…


  • The first G/A was not your fault it was inevitable but that doesnt mean give up. You issued no slowest practical speed commands and we were more then 3NM out so there should have been.

  • Very good on all clearances that was really top notch today well done, thought the visual was going to mess you up but it didnt so great!

  • G/A’s were anticipated well however we were very close when he did go around that there was a very obvious conflict, not needed but it is always good to use traffic alert just to tell us you see the conflict and whilst you cant deal with it you know its there!

  • Exit runway command was way too early, I had just touched down and was already given the command. I imagine you were looking at the radar and not the actual aircraft itself so do look around (improve your spacial awareness) because if you were looking you would have seen I was just touching down and would have given me the command later. It doesnt take much just a drag on the screen and can really improve your practical as you are visual with the aircraft and not staring at the radar.

Great session Mason just work on a few of the things above and we should all be good. So close now to being ready, gotta give it to you you did great on the clearances.

Happy Flying :)

written feedback for 20 mins my hands need a break :)

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Tower and ground don’t have this feature.

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it!

no i mean just drag the screen up to have a look around at the aircraft XD if you do want that command vote here ;)

Oh I see. Thank you! My mistake

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I’m closing in 5 minutes!

I’m now closed at KMIA after controlling for 2:44hrs

I’m open now at KBUF! Come and stop by to do some patterns!

@Captain_Cign @SamC @Kamryn @Zachary @Infinite_Qantas @Bmoney326 @Elefanths @Kafuryto @Davide_Av

Going to be open for about 40 minutes

Hey MJP! I saw you were open and decided to pop in. I’m in a C172, would that work well for you or am I going to be too slow?

Ok! That’ll work! Thanks for coming!

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@NathanD where did you go? You disappeared on my screen

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On my way


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Ok! Thank you!

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I can probably come by in a couple of minutes.

Ok got it! Thank you!

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Sorry about the G/A I was about to stall😂

It’s ok! No worries!

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