MJP_27’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey everyone! Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread! I’m going to try to open everyday at different airports! I also want to improve my ATC skills! Feedback is always appreciated!


Airport: TBA

Frequencies in use: Tower and Ground

Runways in Use: TBA




I’m planning on being open for an hour!

I’m open at KBUF!

Come and stop by to do some pattern work!

Should’ve given me a go around on the touch and go
But for the rest it was fine

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Ok got it! Thanks for coming!

Wait aren’t you IFATC?? I remember going to your tracking threads before…


I thought you used to be an IFATC. Also you need to be 14. But nice looking thread

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I’m open at OKBK on Training Server! I’ll be open for about an hour!

Come and fly some patterns!

I’ll swing by :)

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Thank you! :)

@Z-Tube that was my mistake of using the go around command. Sorry about that

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Tag me next time :)

Hey. As you know I was LYVA001, IFATC - Z-Tube. Here’s my feedback.

  1. Landing clearance was timely. Could’ve been a little sooner. Optimal time is late crosswind/early downwind. You gave it to me mid downwind.

  2. Pattern instruction, sequencing, and clearance was perfect for my runway change!

  3. Check runway assignment was perfect. Caught it nice and early!

  4. You didn’t need to have N121WS expedite on his runway exit. I was a good 4nm out.

  5. Landing clearance was better!

  6. Not sure why you issued me a go around, however you addressed it above.

  7. Landing clearance was much better! That was the best one yet!

  8. Exit command was slightly early (74 knots). Aim for 70 knots and lower

Besides for the unnecessary GA, you did well. I look forward to helping you improve over the upcoming weeks and please feel free to tag me in the future!

Thank you for the feedback! I will tag you!

Next time your open you can tag me:)

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Ok I will!

KBOS is open!

Come and stop by to fly some patterns!

@SamC @Z-Tube @Captain_Cign @USA_ATC


Great Job there! A little late on the exit command but you did fantastic!

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Im now 12 landings from Grade 5!

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Anyone else want to stop by?