MJP_27’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I am open in Orlando. Doing Ground and Tower. Come join!

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I might stop by


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Ok I am still open

I am still open

I am closing right now so I will see you next time

Actually I’m open

Hey buddy I am the arrival atc

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Ok thank you @Cole_Carey

Do you want to fly tonight

I can’t today and you made it to training server

Yes I did make it

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Open at Boston Tower

Now closed thanks

Open at Atlanta

Come to Atlanta for some ATC

You seem to only be open on ground frequency

Yeah my bad I will change that

@AceCorba have any of your friends want to join my ATC

Maybe choose a different airport if you can’t get the tower and ground frequency’s. May I suggest KMCO (Orlando) If you want multiple parallel runways?

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