Hi ya! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!

I’m open at EDDL!
We are using runways 05L and 05R
Come and stop by to do some patterns!

And I tried editing on the other one and it wouldn’t work! 😕


I’ll stop by

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I’ll come by in a few

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Thank you!!

Are you coming back? Says you went offline.

Yeah hold on! I will be back! Just standby!

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Sorry about that @NYFLFlyer22

Sorry it was so short I only had time for one pattern. You did really good from all I saw especially with telling me to extend my downwind. I’ll I’d say you need to improve on is issuing runway exits a little earlier because mine was a little late. That’s all from me good job.

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Oh thank you!

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Hey! Thanks for the service. Got some feedback for you! You do seem to understand a lot of the concepts, but there’s still some things you need to improve on:

-Wasn’t necessary to give me a Line Up and Wait command. The guy in front of me was already in the air by the time I was lined up. If this was a busy airport, you should’ve just cleared me. Remember that in order to clear me, he just has to be in the air, which he was before I was even lined up. Not a big deal, but keep this in mind for busy airports.

-Extend downwind commands were unnecessary. Remember, we’re flying VFR, it’s the pilots job to watch for spacing. Not sure why you gave us both extend downwind commands. The guy on the runway would’ve most likely been in the air anyway by the time the next plane was landing. If it did get too close, you could’ve sent him around.

-If using “Extend Downwind” it’s still our job to turn base. Use “I’ll call your base” if you as the controller want to tell us when to turn base. (Although it seems the commands will be combined in 20.1 based off the new “Perfect ATC Test” video.)

-Be careful with Go Arounds. You told me to Go Around and then to disregard the instruction. When you’re accelerating to gain altitude it’s hard to cancel a Go Around. If you are going to issue one, commit to it. It’s ok. I was low enough to get down to land, but you shouldn’t cancel it. It was ok to issue it since he looked like he wasn’t off the runway, but since you did it, don’t be scared to commit to it. Better safe than sorry!

-On my 2nd pattern, you cleared me for the option Number 2. The guy in front of me was already way over the threshold, like half way down the runway, so I should’ve been number 1. This also happened again with N114NR. You cleared him for the option number 2, but the guy in front was already past the threshold.

-2nd transition was too low. You gave him transition at 2,000ft. The airport elevation is 147ft, add the pattern altitude (1,500) and add 1,000ft above that and you get 2,647. That should be rounded up to 3,000ft. 2,000 is way too low. This is weird because you got the first transition perfectly.

-I aligned myself with the wrong runway and you caught it…just way too late. I was already on the ground. You need to look out for planes aligned with the wrong runway while they’re on final, and you may want to send them around if it’s too close.

-Exit runway commands were a bit too late. Ideal speed is around 70kts, but it wasn’t too bad.

-While taxiing to the gate I went through the grass. You need to look out for that and you should’ve issued me a “do not taxi through grass” command.

However, you handled some things great! Most sequences were good, that first transition was perfect, and the runway changes were spot-on. Just look out for what I told you and you’ll be fine. Hope to see you in IFATC real soon, and keep working on your skills! :)


Ok got it! I did transition of 2000 because of the other guy at a transition altitude of 3000 which is 1000 feet of spacing!

Looked like the other guy was out of the way already, so 3,000 was ok. If you did want spacing, you should’ve went higher. With the airport elevation, 2,000ft was less than 1,000ft above pattern altitude. Sure, you were watching for spacing with the 2 planes doing a transition, but you also gotta look at the spacing between the plane and the pattern :)

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Ok got it! Thanks for coming! I will open up 3x tomorrow!

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Shoot, I missed it! Tag me next time and I’ll come over!

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Ok I will be open 3 times tomorrow!

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hey there nice job today. u did well there’s just a couple things but they are very minor.

  • 22:57 when I requested takeoff on 5R u should’ve said make right traffic not left. All aircraft taking off on a R will make right traffic.

  • 22:58 good job giving me sequencing as there was no radar but u should’ve said traffic to follow is on right downwind.

  • 22:59 you cleared me for the option a bit early but that’s minor.

  • 23:04 good job giving me sequencing since i was entering a new runway
    All in all great run thanks for giving us service tonight. Just a few minor things to work on but heading down the right path. see you next time

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Ok got it! I will see you tomorrow for when I open!

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Hey everyone! I’m open at EDDL!

Come and stop by to do some patterns!

@ToasterStroodie @RitzRegis @NYFLFlyer22 @Chicago_Aviator

I’ll stop by in about 40 minutes, I’m almost at Dubai!

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Hey I can’t be there at the moment sorry

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