MJL Productions' ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSNA

Hey everyone! I’m training so that can be apart of IFATC soon! Challenge me with touch and go’s, transitions, runway changes, etc. Thank you!


Not much traffic yet :(

Choose a smaller airport with 2 runways, will help

Changing to KSSC

Don’t be to disappointed about traffic not turning up.
Better next time!

All the best!

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Hello @MJL_Productions
I see that you made 3 topics of ATC Tracking Threads. Please next only use one thread and don’t make a new topic when you are open.
MJL Productions’ ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSJC

Take care! ✈️

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Come on down to SJC with some touch and goes, transitions, runway changes, etc.


Spawning in!


I will try some touch and go’s!

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You do not have to give pattern entrys when people are remaining in the pattern !!!

I was NKO526,

Your Sequencing was quite acceptable, and your transitions were handeled well.
Now to the faults.

When a aircraft departs remaining in the pattern it does not need a pattern entery like enter left downwind…

When I requested a runway change you told me this was unable eventhough it was able

When I wanted to exit you didn´t give me a exit command and sent the other aircraft around far to late.

I’m sorry for the crash!
Lol :)

On my first pattern you gave me a pattern entry.You just had to sequence and clear.Transitioning was good
Dont let a person on the runway then issue a go around Screenshot_20190419-185040 Screenshot_20190419-184932

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Work on those things

Ok thx for feedback. I will work on some stuff. The runway change thing, it was a tight window and ultimately if I say unable, that means unable. I would not have said unable if it was a clear shot

Coming in C-256E!

Well so I was GOO11
Just some aspects:
•Be aware when someone does the pushback so that when you tell him to hold position and the other plane has already left, you will approve the pushback again.
•If you give extend downwind, the pilot knows when to turn base so you don’t have to give another time I’ll call your base!
•Also sequencing was acceptable, just practice some more!
So that’s all, I’m going to sleep, keep training, I will try to join in another time!

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Ok guys, thats enough for today.

You did okay in my opinion. Some things to work out though.

As @Flying_Pencil has mentioned earlier, don’t need to give us “enter left/right downwind” instruction when we takeoff and remain in the pattern, unless we request to change runways.

  1. I think sequencing was okay, not the best timing though. A bit late on “cleared for the option” too—whenever you know the sequence isn’t going to change, just clear the pilots.
  2. When I requested to change runways, you told me to enter right base of that runway when I was beside the airport—too close to enter base. You should’ve said “enter right downwind”, even though I was already on the downwind.
  3. When you cleared me after a runway change, you should send “make left/right traffic”…

Open at KSNA! I will make sure to improve on things said above.