Mixed App Versions on Live [Solved]

Several people are using a beta version of IF on Live.

The changed layout of airports or re-alignment of airports is causing issues.
Controllers are confused as well. “Please state intentions” is being heard 'cause aircraft aren’t where they are supposed to be.
Yesterday I noticed a mod, using a different version, when taking off from 36C at EHAM. He was taking off in the grass, just left of the runway after he was ligned up, but seemed to be parked.

This is confusing and damages the experience of flying Live.
I don’t like it at all.

I know things have to be tested, but does that have to be done on Live, with others using the current version?
I really hope this will not go on until the new version will be released.

P.S.: I’m still (sort of) inactive and will only post things when something is going on.


I still do wonder what the POV of the mods/devs are when they do fly in beta…


In case of a re-aligned airport layout, they see everyone else taking off and landing in the grass.

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Right… I have nothing much to say about this actually but I guess they could test their stuff in FFS instead to prevent any confusion with the ATC


So they should have a separate test server?

I don’t know. I don’t really care either, as long as the experience on Live for all other users isn’t influenced in a bad way, which is the case at the moment.

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I thought of that too but I don’t think they would want to open a separate server just for testing as it’ll be quite a waste of money

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It’s not a waste of money if it prevents problems for all regular users. Paying users!
Testing stuff that might cause issues on live systems is just not done. It’s unprofessional.

What if your Internet provider starts testing new stuff disrupting your connection? Think about it.
Testing is always done on a separate network. Not on a live one.


Some tests are fine on a live server. Others aren’t though.
Seeing a different aircraft than that is being flown while testing is not a problem.
Seeing others using a different layout however is a problem and causes all kinds of issues.


I mean if they are going to open a separate server solely for testing

Can’t they then take a bit of the servers from FFS or the least popular one?

I’d say FFS for all these testing, especially layouts.

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Like I said, I don’t really care how they do it.
A testing environment should be part of the IF infrastructure anyway.
So the fact that testing costs money shouldn’t be a factor/argument. It’s a given.
The paying customers shouldn’t be confronted with any consequences testing might have.

Having said that, let me emphasize that I really appreciate all the developments that are going on and that I’m really looking forward to seeing it all implemented.
Just don’t ruin my experience on Live while testing it all out.


This post remind me with the bots in KCLT,

Ontopic: if somebody uses the beta version and I (as a controller) saw him taking off from the grass, and I don’t know if he was using the beta or not, Can I ghost him?

Good question… Really good question…

Then they’ll say they were on the taxiway blablabla…

I really do hope that if they don’t wish to have a separate dedicated server for testing (of layouts), they would do it on FFS

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Well, that is one of the issues that can be expected in this case.
Especially since you don’t know they’re using a different version and the fact that it will take a long time before the new version will be released.

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The beta testers job is to complete there tests on the features. I would just say, don’t mind them. We don’t want to stop them doing there job :)

Well at least choose an empty region on FFS or when the region on Advanced becomes empty.
Or solo for terrain etc.


I do not agree.
Testing is crucial, but not on live systems.

And by the way; how am I supposed to ‘not mind them’ when they are interfering with operational procedures causing confusing situations? That’s not what I’m paying for. Sorry, but I’m a paying customer.


So are the beta testers. And they are beta testing for free, so that you can enjoy an almost bug free release ;)

Re Live environment: on top of my mind more than 50% of the bugs that we find are encountered in a real live environment, and we wouldn’t be able to find them otherwise.