Mixed Aircraft Flyout Event @ YBTL - 102200ZMAR19

Original Photo: http://www.taekwondotownsville.com.au/locations/

Hey there, welcome to another event. In this event, we’ll be heading to North Queensland in Australia, Townsville to be exact. We’re heading to my hometown of Townsville (YBTL).Although this airport only uses like 5 commercial gates (From knowledge), We’ll be using all the gates (Except the Heli pads). This is a mixed aircraft event, GA aircraft, Military and Commercial aircraft are all allowed. The airport is also a joint RAAF Base which makes it even cooler because you see all types of RAAF aircraft. its also a GA airport as well, seeing lots of GA takeoff and land, its pretty cool.Here is some more info on Townsville.

Server: Training Server

Airport: YBTL

Time: 2019-03-09T22:00:00Z

Aircraft: Any Aircraft!


  • No trolling
  • Listen to ATC instructions
  • Please Spawn in 15 minutes before event starts
  • Expext Delays

Tower: @Pilotcorn09
Ground: @Captcharlie07

Route Suggestions:

Airline Aircraft Route
Qantas 737-800 TSV-BNE
QantasLink 717-200 TSV-BNE
Virgin Australia 737-800 TSV-BNE
Virgin Australia 737-800 TSV-SYD
Jetstar A320 TSV-MEL

All routes from Townsville can be found here. When on that page, if you look to the top of departures, it should say “load earlier flight”, click that and you will see the weekday departures, I recommend choosing those routes as there is more routes to choose from

Commercial Gates

Gate 01 (717)
Gate 02 (A320)
Gate 03 (738,712,E170)
Gate 04 (738)
Turboprop gates:
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 08
Gate 09

Military Gates

RAAF Heavy 01
RAAF Heavy 02
All are Jet Hangars
RAAF N Hanger 01
RAAF N Hanger 02
RAAF N Hanger 03
RAAF N Hanger 04
RAAF N Hanger 05
RAAF N Hanger 06
RAAF N Hanger 07
RAAF N Hanger 08
RAAF N Hanger 09
RAAF N Hanger 10

GA Gates

GA 01
GA 02
GA 03
GA 04
GA 05
GA 06
GA 07
GA 08
GA 09
GA 10
GA 11
GA 12
GA 13
GA 14
GA 15
GA 16
GA 17
GA 18
GA 19
GA 20
GA 21
GA Hanger 01
GA Hanger 02
GA Hanger 03
GA Hanger 04
GA Hanger 05
GA Hanger 06
GA Hanger 07

User Airline/Aircraft Route Gate
@LachyRobertson VA 737-800 TSV-BNE 04
@Matthew_20204 QFA 717-200 TSV-BNE 01
@Loadhaul Q-Link Dash 8 TSV-CNS 05

General Aviation
User Airline/Aircraft Route Gate

User Airline/Aircraft Route Gate
@Captain_Tank DAL 788 RAAF Heavy 01 TSV-NYC

Hope to get the airport filled (well, try), anyway, cant wait to see all of you there! Happy New year everyone! Please, no heavies, I let one person do it but no more please. please look at flightradar24 if your looking at doing a flight. :)


I’ll take gate 4. VA 737-800 to Brisbane. 🙂

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Sure, see you there.

I’ll take gate 01 with the Qantas 717 to Brisbane

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Sure thing!

Still plenty of gates left, lets try and fill this airport!

Though we still got like 2 months left. :)

biggest gate please for a 777-300er emirates to dxb

Sorry man, The Emirates is to big for the airport, please look at the departures from flightradar24 or you can fly GA or Military aircraft anywhere.

I might be able to come; seeing I fly here all the time however. If I do it’ll be a Q-Link Dash 8 up to YBCS or down to YBBN in a Velocity 738.

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Alrighty, I’ll put you down, just in case. off topic abit, Do you live in TSV? seeing you fly up here alot?

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can i have a gate please
i am going to be flying to new york
and aircraft will be 787-8 delta air lines

I’ll take gate 3 in a velocity 737 down to Brisbane 😁

Actually no, can I take ground?

Ok, I’ll put you down but at a RAAF gate. only because the aircraft is to big for the airport.

Sure, you can take ground.

thank you soo much for that

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Thanks! :)

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Can I have a military for a 747-8 generic to lax callsign Air Force 1

Sorry mate, can’t do that. The biggest aircraft I could give is the KC-10 or C-17.

I will attend jet star to Melbourne any gate