Mitsubishi SpaceJet Completes First Flight

The newly-rebranded Mitsubishi SpaceJet has completed its first flight.

Formerly known as the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) until June 2019, this is the first aircraft manufactured and designed in Japan for decades.

This is the first flight of “Unit 10”, which appears to be the first test aircraft in the full SpaceJet livery. The MRJ has already taken flight before, but this was the SpaceJet’s first flight.

The test aircraft took off from Nagoya Airport and flew over the Pacific Ocean for about two hours before landing back in Nagoya.

Here’s the full takeoff and landing footage of the first flight:

The Mitsubishi SpaceJet has already received hundreds of orders. So far, there are about 167 orders for the M90 and 50 orders for the M100.

All Nippon Airways was the first customer with 15 on order. While its livery has been painted years ago featuring the old “MRJ”, it hasn’t been officially delivered yet.

Japan Airlines has 32 M90s on order. Deliveries for the SpaceJet to ANA/JAL are expected to begin in 2021/2022.

Notably, Skywest and Mesa Airlines, two regional airlines that operate flights on behalf of U.S. airlines, have ordered the SpaceJet. Specifically, Skywest has ordered 100 M90s and Mesa has ordered 50 M100s.

This means we could see American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, or even Alaska Airlines have the SpaceJet in the near future.


Honestly, it’s pretty exciting to see a country like Japan that normally doesn’t produce aircraft finally join the competition.


We need this in the game! In the ANA livery, amazing…



Is it just me or is that a complete copy of the Bombardier C-Series/A220?


To me it looks like more like the e190


Oh, yeah. I was thinking that too but I was guessing it was more a copy of the A220 because it’s newer.

Yeah… something like that.

I believe the MRJ’s model was released in 2010 while the C series’ model was released in 2008.

E-190s been flying for a while now.

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Yeah looks like a off brand E190 to me…
Interesting name too haha

I think it looks more like an ERJ. Has those sharp features!

Looks like a neat aircraft. Hopefully we can see it ferrying revenue passengers soon.

That thing looks like a mix of the E145 and the E170. It’s just weird…

Congrats to Mitsubishi!

Big achievement for Mitsubishi!
Wouldn’t a bigger bypass ratio be more efficient and more competitive with the current market of aircrafts? Just a thought because of how the bypass ratio for the E190-E2 is bigger than its predecessor, and these engines look like Gen 1 Embraers haha

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