Mitsubishi pushes back delivery of MRJ to mid 2020

Mitsubishi has announced the 5th delay to its troubled MRJ program pushing back the delivery date from mid 2018 to mid 2020 due to some design changes. Mitsubishi has received 233 firm orders for the aircraft with the likes of ANA and Japan Airlines to be some of the first to fly the aircraft. The aircraft will be the first made in Japan since 1974



That’s to bad, I was looking forward to flying on it with Sky West.

It looks exactly like an Embraer. Coincidence? I think not.


These days, most of the the aircraft look similar, however they are completely different. Don’t just judge on its look

Mitsubishi cars and air conditioners are so bad, no offence. I wouldn’t expect these to be any good.


They make good pens…

Well, lets hope they don’t fall out of the sky then…


Iran has orders for them. Sad that delivs are pushed back

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