Mitsubishi - Bombardier

Will the next update to IF bring a new manufacturer to the list of aircraft? Start of June 2020 seen the completion of the purchase by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of the CRJ program from Bombardier. Will the CRJ jets now be listed under Mitsubishi?

Most people think not. But it’s always a possibility.

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Oh god please no, no, no, nooooooooooooooo


I think people will end up refering to it with the ICAO code, which definitely won’t be MHIRJ lol

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It shall never refer to it as the MHIRJ, the name makes me want to puke!
Cign :D

They could list it in the game under Mitsubishi, but leave the aircraft name as CRJ.

If a dev is reading this: NOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!! Seriously no …

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Nah, probably not.