Mitsubishi and Bombardier CRJ Program negotiations

Is this the end of Bombardier? Will this negotiations be successful? Or do you prefer on other companies to buy Bombardier Program?

Link: Mitsubishi in advanced negotiations to acquire Bombardier's CRJ program - The Air Current

Perhaps you can give more detail what what is going on? I am pretty lost and how they got here and what is going on.

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If you are that much lost, consider looking at the link.

Well it was just a matter time. Bombardier already sold the majority of the C Series and the Q-Series so it’s not very surprising that they plan to sell the CRJ Series as well.

The aerospace division of Bombardier already struggled in the last couple years. They needed government help in 2016 as they lost a tremendous amount of money.

So far they sold out their commercial aviation division so the question is if they will keep their business aviation division or if that one will go as well. I doubt that though. The business with the Learjet, Challenger and GlobalExpress Jets seems to go well.

Bombardier isn’t just airplanes and nothing else btw. They also have a public transportation division which builds railway vehicles, locomotives, etc.


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