Misunderstanding With Radar Controller

Good morning,

I’m facing a situation that I had never experienced before.

I’m currently controlling Twr & Gnd at KLAX. The active runways for landing I chose there are 6L/7L/R (because the METAR reads 07004KT). But the approach controller is heading an aircraft to the opposite of RW7L, that is RW25R.

What can I do? Can I redirect the plane once it’s established on RW25R, or do I let it simply land?


Hi there!

As this is on the Training Server, communicating with the other controller may be difficult if they do not have a ,inked IFC account, and would probably want to work to their own way with traffic (as these aren’t trained controllers). There most likely is not a way to change this I’m sorry to say until they end their session, or unless you move to another airport. 🙃

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Thanks, but my question was: how do I deal with the inbound aircraft?

Adding on I see your tracking thread open at KLAX. Due to this being a hotspot with newer inexperienced users it is highly suggested to to to a quieter location where the users who are at the airport come from seeing your tracking thread and want to help you out

Yes I have faced this situation a lot, and even in reverse when I as the approach controller am vectoring aircraft to land on the suitable runways depending on the winds but the tower is using the wrong side of the runway
I would say just let them land on the 25s because it would be hard to make them all land on the other side. Plus, since this is on the TS they won’t listen

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Ok, thank you very much for your help! That was the answer I was looking for. x)

No problem :)

Just as a side note, @Ecoops123 has a point. Don’t open your Tracking thread at KLAX (or any other really busy airport on the TS like KJFK, EGLL, WSSS, OMDB etc) because it will be hard for you to practice. Open at places like KSSC, KADW, EDDL or other less busy airport. I sometimes open at EGLL but I don’t open it on my tracking thread because if people come and try and help me, I don’t learn because there are other aircraft with inexperienced pilots. This is just advice by the way

Yeah, I already know that, but unfortunately, people don’t come when I control elsewhere, so I find myself forced to open at an airport with constant traffic so that I can practice.

Yeah makes sense, you can still open at KLAX. Just don’t open your tracking thread there because if people come after they saw that you’re open, they won’t really help you because you’re controlling other inexperienced pilots. Hopefully you understood what I am saying

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Got it, thanks for the advice!

No problem, and by the way you can tag me whenever you open and I’ll try and come whenever I’m available

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Alright, appreciated!

You’d close and move to another airport, don’t just let them land on the opposite end like @Ahmed1 suggested.

If you want to try to make it work you can do a runway change to the opposite end.

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Exactly, since the wind was only 4kts 👍

You don’t want to chase wind though with runway changes, the wind won’t always be in your favor if there is some weather in the area or if the winds are variable.

Check the TAF before opening.


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