Misunderstanding on Advanced Server (St. Marteen)

Hello everyone!

I where flying just now on ATC Advanced Server and I got Ghosted because of a misunderstanding.
It’s was at St. Marteen, on UNICOM Ground Frequency and I said that I was going to cross runway 10:

BUT, I realized that a plane was on final:

So I’ve sent a message saying that I am going to Hold Short runway 28, but 2 second before sending the message: I got ghosted. I don’t no why! I wasn’t even moving, I was just holding my position, so the 95% of the runway where clear!

And… I was a bit annoyed at the end, cause I’ve flown for long, and I’ve been practicing some Touch & Goes, and at the end, I earned 0XP :/

PS : It’s true, I assume the fact that I shouldn’t had to send that I were crossing the runway, but I didn’t moved from 1 centimeter, that the problem! I wasn’t in the middle of the runway.

Yes just message the controller no need to post on the forum about it. :)


Oh, I’m sorry!
Don’t hesitate to close/delete my topic.


The controller Never told you to back taxi. the full runway has to be clear else it’s a runway incursion