Misunderstanding and violation

Hello guys . Today i was fly from London Luton to Newark with BBJ3 . After exit runway at EWR , I asked permission taxi to parking and ATC allowed .

While taxing toward runway 29 , i asked permission to cross runway 29 . And then the ATC instructed to hold short at runway 22R . After a few minutes , i ask again to cross runway 29 and then ATC giving me warning . And then i replied with permission taxi to parking to point my objective

I was holding at the red circle for a few minutes . I was planned to park at the FBO as you can see image above .

At the end , ATC surprised me with violation LV2 . Then i continued to my FBO with offline mode .

EWR taxiway

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Hello! My best advice for you is to contact the controller regarding this or if you feel the violation was not justified, contact @appeals.


You may have received this violation because you requested the same thing multiple times . I would contact the Atc person that issued his if you feel that it was wrongly issued.

he told you to hold short 22R and you stayed on 29 and also didn’t wait for authorization to cross the runway, that must have been because of that

Regardless of what happened, message the controller and maybe he can explain why you received a violation. Also message appeals as Rick mentioned already.
I hope this gets resolved soon!

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It’s being handled privately via PM.

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I had an issue at KEWR as well today. Wrongly violated and they wont be taking away the level 2 violation. My advice, stay clear from them as they dont seem to care to follow proper procedures. I got a level 2 violstion for lining up with the runway. I got spammed twice in a few seconds about it, before i had time to gain full control of my aircraft and able to align with the correct runway. I got the level 2, i was told to act more professional. I had no warnings about getting reported. IFATC at their finest.


Please contact ifatc appeals

As mentioned, concerns regarding violations can be resolved by contacting the appeals team.