Hi …
just now i quit my app because being reported and ghosted by ATC James Wang on KSEA Seattle …
I was confused what’s his objective.
I entered KSEA requestin taxiing to 16L runway, and when i arrived in first line 16L, there’s one airplane behind me and he was just straight enter the runway … i don’t know wether got permission from ATC or no.
First in line , i was requesting take off and got clearence for 16L but suddenly he tell me to take off from 16C.
I follow his instruction and wait a bit after and then take off through 16C.
On my way to destination, i asking for frequency changes and he was approved.
Less than 2 minute this ATC contact me for frequency change again and again although i ALREADY request for frequency change.
After that i was ghosted without explicit reason.
Please tell me some words here.

Was there an active approach / departure frequency you were meant to go to? Why did you keep requesting frequency change but stay on the tower frequency? You requested the change but stayed for 2 minutes?

There was no appr. Frequency. He wanted u to get off of his frequency because he had numerous aircraft clogging up his frequency. You stayed on his frequency and never changed. You also spammed/trolled him during a busy time. If you request frequency change and he approves…change frequency. Does not have to a real person, change to a nearby Unicom.

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I am the ATC responsible and I believe that your concern as already been addressed by Mitchell and Matthew. I just posted the thread on the IFFG Facebook group addressing the same concern, so I am very much aware of it.

Just to break it down a bit further, and this is for everyone’s reference regarding runway selection and changing frequency after departing from a towered airport:

  1. I don’t remember the command above what is shown in your attached picture, from what I see, you were cleared to take off from runway 16C at 6:45am by ATC (orange). You may have requested take off from 16L but it does not mean you were cleared to take off at 16L for various reasons. Point is you were last cleared to take off from 16C. You should not request runway crossing if you intend to take off, instead you should request take off. You were given clear instruction at 6:45 to take off from runway 16C so I don’t see a problem there.

  2. You took off shortly after 6:45 and you had 5min to depart before you were asked to change frequency because by then you were out of my airspace, either altitude above 8000 or range outside my airspace (blue circles). You were requested to change frequency twice, followed by explicit request to follow instruction to which you replied standby, and then followed by another two requests to change frequency. I think it is fair to say that you have been given enough hint to change frequency, but you did not comply, so you were ghosted for the session only.

Reasons for the need to change frequency has been explained above and in the IFFG Facebook group. If you are on Facebook, please feel free to drop me a message or comment on the post on Facebook or here.

Thanks for raising it here and keeping it to a friendly tone so everyone on the forum can take something away from this.



Thank you for the clear explanation guys, especially for James, yes because u wanted me to change frequency several times that’s why i was requesting for frequency time few times as well because i thought it was approved by and here my mistake was i did not select the other unicom so that’s why i still in your frequency.
Beforehand i only select the “Back” and didn’t go to another unicom.

It’s clear for me now and once again thank you guys for the clarification. Hope the others can learn more on this case.
Ser you again on next flight.

Have fun and pleasant flight.