Misty Spotting @ Manchester Airport 24/11/19

Hello everyone, yesterday I decided to go spotting at Manchester Airport between 8:30 - 11:00 at the south spotting area, which had a great view of the airfield. Here are some shots I got.

Emirates A380-800 “EXPO 2020” livery

British Airways A319-100 “BEA Retro” livery

Singapore Airlines A350-900 (With wing condensation and jet blast)

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 in the mist with jet blast.

Jet2 Airbus A330-200 (AirTanker) with perfect timing with the Jet2 hangar.

These are my highlights, hope you liked these shots!

Camera: Canon EOS 500D
Lense: 18-200mm
Location: Manchester Airport South Spotting Area


Nice pictures shame the weather wasn’t so nice though, good to see the jet2 a330 as well

I quite liked the weather to be honest, allowed me to get some great shots.

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I like weather like that for the shots too but not for standing in it 😂

Meh, it was a bit cold but since I’m a northerner it was alright.

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I’m a Londoner so I’m not really use to the weather you get

Really great! Although the weather may not be good for spotting, it’s my favorite weather. So I really like these, more than if it was just the normal sun in spotting photos. Great job!

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This is my absolute favourite! Great shots and we can see that if you brave the elements they reward you with such shots! Thanks for sharing!

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Great picture! Personally, my favorite spotting pictures to see are with rain. Really enjoyed looking. It shows how hard piloting a plane is. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks, I didn’t intentionally get the jet2 hangar in the background but realised that once I took the photo.

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The Virgin B747 looks Majestic in the Mist 😎

I love it if such things happen. Always cool to have a building or landmark in the picture! The A330 is a stunner by itself too.

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