MisterSir's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

As make right/left traffic already has the traffic direction you can go ahead and just give the clearance.

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Feedback HA-MID

  • First of all, this airport does not serve the purpose of training. Choose something like EDDM with two runways and sufficient taxiways to reach each direction.
  • That backtaxi instruction was good before take off.
    -You need to sequence aircrafts before clearance. You sent me a clearance without sequencing.It should be like this :
    HA-MID number 2 traffic to follow is on final.Wait for the pilot response, then clear him for the option.
    -There is no need for pattern direction each time you clear someone. They should know to fly in the same direction you instructed with take off clearance.
  • After you send “extend DW” command that was really good for the situation, you may use “turn base” and no need of another pattern entry.
    -There is no need of landing clearance after “cleared for option”. cleared for option means the pilot can do touch and go, stop and go, low pass or landing. if someone is reporting “full stop” after clearance it means that he is going to exit runway and you must respode with “Roger” and nothing more.
    there are more to tell but i stop here cause this may get long and boring :) but i recommende you to read the manual carefully and watch the toturials from infiniteflight Youtube channel.
    please don’t hesitate if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help.
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