MisterSir's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

OK, I’ll remember that, I thought I was meant to wait until the pilot asked to do something before clearing them in case they wanted to do a full stop instead of the normal touch and go procedure. Thank you!

Also transition should be 3500. Take the airport altitude (935ft) round up to the nearest 500 (1000ft) and add 2500ft (3500ft)

Rounded airport altitude + 1500ft AAL pattern altitude +1000ft vertical separation = transition level

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yeah sorry, I’m absolutely terrible at transitions

The option gives the pilot the option to do a low approach, touch and go, landing or stop and go. If a pilot wants to stop then they may tell you but they also have the option not to and just to land… next time I’ll bring some friends and we can work on sequencing too

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sounds cool, thanks

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Feedback from Connie-1.

  1. Transition was perfect.
  2. First touch and go. You never gave me a pattern entry. Before clearing me for a runway, you need to let me know where you want me in the pattern for said runway. In this case, it would’ve been right downwind for runway 18.
  3. When you’re maintaining departures and arrivals on one runway, you want to make sure there’ll be good spacing between the two. If I’m at least 3 nm or more away from traffic, I’ll be fine. The slow practical speed was alright.
  4. If I happen to be really close to departing traffic, you need to order me to go around before I cross that runway threshold. You didn’t catch it, which is why I announced it.
  5. After the go-around, you instructed me to make right traffic again. Only give me a traffic pattern direction once if I’m following the same pattern. The make right traffic on the 2nd clearance was unnescessary.
  6. When advising us that our frequency change is approved, Only send it to us ONCE! It only tells us that we can change frequencies. Repeatedly advising us is unnecessary. We’ll switch frequencies quickly if for example, Approach and Departure are online.

Tag me for future sessions!

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thank you! I probably should’ve asked you to extend your downwind before ANZ took off.

Now open at Perth! @Ezzie

I’m heading to bed ☹️ Perhaps another time tomorrow.

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ok thanks for responding anyway

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I’m open at KLAX Center!

I’m glad that nightmare’s over.

I’m open at London City now! @Ezzie

Sorry Aeromexico! I didn’t mean to say that!

Am now open at Honolulu


I was VT-VAR

  1. For 1st pattern Clearance was at good time but no need of after the option make left traffic. As we are on same runway.

  2. No need of a pattern entry which you as I’m not changing runway and thr is no other runway as well.

3 Extend downwind wasn’t needed thr was sufficient space for the Take off.

  1. Turn left base after the extend downwind is wrong. You should give turn base.

  2. You forgot to clear me on my 3rd pattern on which I made the Go Around.

  3. Again you gave me the sequence but missed the Clearance for option.

  4. For 5th pattern sequence was wrong no 2 traffic to follow is on final but the Aircraft was on left base.

You must work on Sequence and Clearance.



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Thanks for the feedback!

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I’ll join next time, feel free to tag me.

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It’s been a while, back open at Rotorua again. @Collins4486 @Ezzie @Christianx_xkhaos

@BasharSukkar so sorry i have to close for personal reasons hope you understand bye and thank you.