MisterSir's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Cool beans, I’ll head on over. :)

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right or left traffic?

any it doesn’t matter

I don’t think there’s any terrain in the way

Sorry - New Zealand internet haha

and it’s cut out again

Well done, I gotta go due to irl reasons. The 1st pattern you could have cleared me for the option a bit earlier but no big deal. The 2nd pattern was fine. Keep it up.

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thanks for the feedback!

Open at San Fransisco!

I’m open at Queenstown, thinking it will be popular because of 3d buildings and etcetera.

Disclaimer: I am not in the open beta because it does not work on my device yet unfortunatley.

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Best internet in the world 😂😂 I feel your pain

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SliNgsHoT qUaLiTy InTeRneT


Open at New Zealand and Auckland Oceanic Centers!

I’m open at my home airport, Rotorua! I’m not really expecting anyone to come, but it’d be nice if some traffic did trickle through.

I will come

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thank you!

You should take ground as well if there is ground controll you will be tested on ground procedures as well

unfortunatley, like NZQN there isn’t a ground frequency as there isn’t a need for it at the airport - if I could I would control approach and tower

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No worries!. Radar training comes later just worry about tower and ground (if applicable) for now

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Feed back N23UD

back taxi was unexpected but perfectly used I didnt think youd know to use that but that eas the perfect way to use that command. Another thing you can do is clear an aircraft for takeoff because back taxi is included in the clearance.

A little late on the clearances. You can clear an aircraft for the option as soon as they turn crosswind you dont have to wait.

Frequency change should have been sent after I requested departure. If an aircraft is airborne and intends to depart the airspace you can have them change frequency. A good rule of thumb is a ½nm from the threshold

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