MisterSir's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello IFC! I would like to join IFATC in the winter (southern hemisphere) so have decided to start a tracking thread to practice. Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

Closed @N/A
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I am now open at Miami!

Welcome in our rows. You might check the rules for creating an hosting a tracking thread before you open yours?! There are some more infos needed!
Have fun!


I was told that I didn’t need to check with anyone before opening up a tracking thread.

No you don’t. But there are some rules of how a tracking threads should be created. And keep in mind you create it only once and then use this thread here several times for opening your stations. Just check some of the other threads how they do. Can’t find the how to atm.

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ah ok, I see

You’re welcome. You can also just screen some other threads for better orientation.

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Or even this

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I have opened at Hong Kong!

And now at Memphis

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I’ll swing by. Be there in 5

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great! thank you

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Sorry, I’m not good with transitions

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No worries, I’ll explain it better in the feedback :)

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whoops, didn’t mean to say make left traffic, sorry

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Feedback: C-FIRE

Transition & Inbound:

  • [03:24:40] - When I requested a transition over KMEM, you gave me an altitude of 4000ft AGL. Due to the hight of the airport, I would have preferred an altitude of 3000ft AGL. The transition Altitude should be ~2500ft above the airport elevation which was 230ft at KMEM. Rounded up, the transition altitude would be 3000ft.

  • [03:28:05] - Here you forgot to issue me a pattern entry. Remember, when an aircraft is inbound you MUST issue:

  1. Pattern Entry
  2. Sequence (If required)
  3. Clearance
  • [03:28:21] - Make sure you include the "After the option, make right/left traffic" portent of the command as I did not receive this part.

Final Pattern:

  • [03:34:39] - I’m not sure why you told me the, “After the option, make right/traffic” part of cleared for the option. I had just announced, I would be making a full stop landing. I would have preferred, “Number 1, Runway 36L, Cleared to land” in the future.

  • [03:37:57] - Didn’t receive a runway exit command until I had requested a frequency change stopped on the taxiway. This should normally be issues ~70kts for Jets and ~40kts for propeller aircraft.

Ground Control:

  • [03:38:40] - With Delta 275 directly in front of me, you needed to issue me progressive taxi instructions to navigate around the stopped aircraft to avoid conflict.

Overall, today session was a good learning experience. I highly recommend that you go ahead and brush up on ATC tower/ground procedures in the ATC user guild.
Thanks for having me!



Having just completed one of my smoothest landings ever there, I am now open at Cancun!

I am open at Vancouver!

Are you allowing traffic patterns?

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yes I am allowing patterns