MisterRaf's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Greetings, IFC! I am Rafael, IFATC Specialist, and I’m an aspiring IFATC Officer under the supervision of my good trainer @Panther . I have created a tracking thread here to help me progress on my training for Radar (Approach/Departure/Centre).

Session Informations

I will be opening 2-3 times per day, times variable depending on my real-life availability times.

All sessions will be on the TRAINING SERVER as I am not yet allowed to open Approach/Departure/Centre facilities on Expert Server.

On my sessions, only the APPROACH frequency shall be opened by me, no more, no less. If I ever wish to operate an approach frequency, I will comment on this thread for the open airports. Three (3) or more pilots will be highly appreciated! :)

For serious users only. Trolls will not be tolerated.

Preferred Feedback Format

(Your Callsign)
(Feedback in Bullet Form, preferably with Time Stamps)
(Additional Remarks, if any)

Hope to see you in one of my open sessions. Thank you and happy flying! :>


What a great Thread. I love to come 😍

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CYVR Approach open, Training Server. Runways 08L/R in use.

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I will be coming now

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Thank you for coming!

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I was too heavy to land
im sorry

and I did not know how to request fuel dump

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You may respawn again so I can also practise giving holds.

for sure im respawning now

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Ummm why @MisterRaf ?

Thanks @SierraHotel and @Mo_Alz for joining me in CYVR!

LPPT Approach open, still TS.

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Here is some feedback:

1.you made me go too far into the north that I was too close to hit one of the mountains

  1. I suggest working on your planning, because at first you ordered me to expect vectors 26R , then changed me to 08L

  2. At first you instructed me to climb to 4500 then decent to 4000 which is really not efficient for aircraft especially with those that are on low fuel. instead you could’ve ordered me climb to FL40 then decent to 3000. and at final before being captured by the LOC you told me to decent FL25 then climb back to FL30. you can explain tho.

  3. I really advice you leave speed at the discretion of the pilot unless he is close to final, because with heavy traffic you cannot manage multiple aircraft and telling them to increase and reduce speed its too difficult and unnecessary .

  4. at the next spawn you told me to say intentions but prior to that I already requested an ILS approach any runway. so you don’t have to tell me what are my intentions, instead just tell me to get out of the holding pattern by giving me vectors to the ILS approach.

  5. you assigned my altitude no need to to assign it again when giving me a new heading.

7.at the last I don’t know what was happening you told me execute missed approach I was at 2500 you told me to decent 3000, then shortly after you told me expect vectors again, no need to clear me for the approach twice.

with practice you can achieve everything you want learn and work hard you should be good.

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Thank you, gladly appreciated. Would be looking forward to seeing you on another session. If you’d like, I have a session today at LPPT and this could be my last for the day.

Take care!


sure when you open tag me!!

LPPT open, I’ve mentioned it earlier I believe. See you!

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alright I will join now !!

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Hi there. I dont know much about radar. But i think ur first try is missed the LOC which is meant you go around me right?

In the 2nd attempt. It was perfect match on

That’s it… i love this one thanks

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the second session was great one thing is you should keep me on your freq. until im above FL180 , I was still at your airspace when you told me "freq change approved ".
and you corrected yourself very fast which was great upon my request to approach


I had to hand you off as I was already gonna close, lol.

By the way, LPPT Approach was closed on 1300Z today, 210323. Thanks to my two supporters @Mo_Alz and @SierraHotel !


You are very welcome mate

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