Mistakes You've Made

Count me in as a member off the gear up landing club. At a busy San Diego in front of everyone!

And doing a flight with the spoilers in flight mode instead of armed did explain and extremely long take off roll and sluggish climb out in the CRJ.


My first live flight I forgot to put the landing gear up and was flying from LAX-SAN at FL360. Aircraft torn to pieces and all passengers and crew perished.

Many mistakes have been made like once in the Caribbean advanced I was in a 737 Caribbean livery. The approach was giving me commands but my plane was going to stall so he kept doing it until I got ghosted. Another one was explained in a video here

And lastly I was doing some thing on advanced where I pulled my gear out at the last second and I belly landed.

#ApproachLookingForProblems #DontMessWithBulba


I’m always on solo as well. Sometimes I have had that problem too 😄


Lights. That’s all I need to say.

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Cough Flying in FreeFlight cough and PG Cough

Nice Job, Dush. You had one job.


Getting this game.

I’m now homeless with no money, no family and friends, due to my lack of ability to get off my iPad anymore.

Once Forgot To Put The Gear Down Before Landing. First Time On Advanced, and the sad part was, that Laura (Matt) was watching…

My most common mistake back then was upon take off i keep forgetting my speed it was more than 250kts below 10,000ft so thats the only thing that got me those violations.

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Everyone is posting small mistakes. These are mine:
Engaging autoland at 01L at SFO, making me crash into the hill, skid along and dive off the edge.
Engaging autoland in very high winds, making me flip, dive and crash.
Keep messing up the heading, making me go too far either way. I got distracted and didn’t notice I kept pitching up. I stalled, flipped and dived into San Diego.
Flying too low and too slow while trying to align myself with the ILS, making me crash into the sea.
Trying to take off overweight, running off the runway and hitting a hill.
Trying to take off overweight, being able to lift off the runway but still hitting a hill.
Forgetting that my plane is empty, so I take off too violently, making me stall.


Sounds Like Me

When I Was Cactus 2015 (US Airways 2015) and I forgot to put the seat belt and no smoking light on so people where smoking while standing during take off. Everybody has brain damage and one is dead


Forgot to put the gear down and made a belly landing.

we should get russia’s Kras Air. imagine PG

When approach is like “turn left heading 010” and I end up taking the speed down to 10 knots because speed and heading are right next to each other…

You keep the beacon on at all times while the engine is on. So, in IF, all the time😉. Also, don’t forget to turn off the strobes!

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Meh, biggest mistake was when the visibility was really low. Let’s just say that the passengers on my plane experience weightlesness in the plane… And had fun!!!

My biggest mistake was when I was just a beginner ATC, and Laura entered my airspace…it was a wreck lol.