Mistakes You've Made

It doesn’t matter if you have made a mistake in live or solo, for exanple: forgot to lower flaps at cruising altitude.
I had forgotten to decrease altitude on approach to EGBB so I flew over it at 5000 ft MSL.


I seriously hate when I land with my spoilers on FLIGHT instead of Armed…


I once forgot to turn on the landing lights and arm the spoilers and set the trim when landing😆


I’ve forgotten to raise the gear after takeoff and then realized a few minutes later, never forgotten to lower it on final though…


the first time i played on live i was on a approach, everything was well, but i vergot to put the gear down, i did a go around 5ft above the runway! but didnt gave enouf power and stalled onto the runway, with my gear still up


I hate it when I forgot to turn off Landing lights and Beacon after exiting the runway :P

Especially when a community member spotted it and ask me in this community XoX, It would be very embarassing

I have multiple times forgotten to stay awake on final…


I forget my strobe lights nearly every time on takeoff

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Forgot to turn on the seatbelt sign on for my passengers. They all had serious injuries that day.

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Forgot to Turn On ‘No Smoking’ resulted in 5 of my passengers getting Cancer


But Dush… Think of the families!!

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Yeah smoking is bad, imagine the number of children there.


I will never think of you the same way again… murderer


I land to fast or either I put the brakes on too early! It really annoys me when I land and the plane just quickly stops on the couple of seconds on touchdown 😖😫😩

What always happens to me, I start a descent from a high altitude and forget to slow down from 300kts to 250kts therefore incurring violations and losing my grade 4

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Also, since I’m used to flying on Solo and skipping straight to final, I am always too low or high when I’m on approach in live.

Forget about final; I can’t even stay awake on climb


My spoilers on flight and I was coming in for approach and my gears weren’t down so I ended up doing a go around