Mistakes of the livery

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I hope this meme pacified everyone

It’s still a great livery, like every other so now that it has been brought up to attention let’s not argue :)
Have a great day everyone!


Worst part is that this livery was spot on before the rework. It got ruined along with Alitalia


From first days when 777 rework was published many of users were told to developers that livery has mistakes, but moderators are always answer - “This livery the same as a real” or “We will repaint it” (something like this), but in fact there’s nothing. It happens nowdays. They do only what they want, people (more than 1k) 2-3 years and nowdays want A220, but developers are ignoring that request.

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Sorry for closing, but when a topic ends up with sentences like the one below… there’s no point in keeping it open any longer. What we do, why we do it and when we do it have been explained on numerous times and on numerous locations. We can’t make everyone happy, all the time. Sorry, but we can’t.

And then saying that we only do what we want instead of doing the A220 when in fact it came in second in the community vote where the A330 rework was the most voted…
So quite the contrary, we’re doing what most users requested. If we had done it differently, the results would not have been the same ;)

If anyone have any doubts about that;