Mistakenly Reported

Hey IFC,
So a few minutes ago I was at WSSS (expert server) in a super decathlon. I requested to taxi and @Jersey_Paul who was controlling responded “hold position” so I did. I then decided that since the airport was busy to pushback so I could taxi as soon as possible to help ATC. I started taxing and immediately turned around as to ‘pushback’, I put on the brakes as I wasn’t going to taxi but then he gave a report for taxing without clearance.

I do not believe I did taxi but just pushback (hence for stopping afterwards) so I could help ATC out.
I would like to talk to a moderator and the Jersey_Paul to negotiate the deletion of the report as I believe that I did not do what I was reported for.

You cannot move a single inch, forwards or backwards, without prior clearance at IFATC controlled airports.


Please send a message to @Jersey_Paul and invite a moderator. That is the best way to handle this situation.

Have a great rest of your day!


Which moderator do I contact?

Invite @ moderators to the DM. (minus the space between @ and m)

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Any mod that is available.


Thanks for that

Its standard procedure for appealling reports. Only @Jersey_paul knows exactly why you were ghosted. Contact him and he ill tell you why you were reported. Discuss the incident in a civilised manner and the ghost may be reversed. I can’t really comment any further because I wasn’t there.


Lads, 3 times the individual has been told to PM a moderator and the controller. Once is enough…

@Stu you do not need to do anything, they were replying to you for no reason.


Bottom line… when spawning you cannot move without clearance from ground ATC if one is present!


That’s not holding position.


This simply is not true in the sim. We have to request any movement.

While you most likely had good intentions, it is not helping ATC as to them, it would show to them that you aren’t following instructions or at least that’s what I would assume most likely happened.

Ok this is too much, I have asked for advice on how to deal with the situation as I’ve never been reported before.
I didn’t not post this to be mocked and bullied as some users have decided to do. Please stop commenting any comments, moderators have been notified!