Mistaken Violation

Dear Infinite flight Moderators,

Today I was going to depart from (KSFO) and start my Route over to my destination which was (KLAX). After my Pushback I lined up on the taxiway to start my engines and start my Taxi to Runway 1L. After I start my Taxi with my Engines running and everything looking ok, I then was glitched underground on my first turn to runway 1R. I waited to see if it was going to restore me overground, but unfortunately it didn’t and a violation was issued to me. I was wondering if a Moderator can possibly remove that from my history of Violations since that was an Absolute Misunderstanding. Thank you for your time! (Below is a Picture of that Recent Violation)

Adding to the point above you will need to have replay proof that this was a cache issue. Many thanks and good luck getting it appealed.

Hey im not rlly sure about this but just pm @ appeals about inquiries

Contact @appeals with your replay.

Not sure why @The_Real_Plane_Spott deleted his post.


I thought they only dealt with violations from ATC

This is usually the case, however some L1 violations are out of the users control therefore should be removed.

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This is a common glitch that appeals will resolve.

@Captain_Ian for future reference, head to settings → general → clear scenery cache to prevent the issue from happening again. Have a good day!


Ok thanks :)

Silly me - I though appeals were only for level 2 and 3 violations, and it looks like this was only a level 1 violation

Thank you for your Tips!

Thank you!

Thank You so Much! 🙏🏾

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