Mistaken purchase?

I accidentally bought the wrong plane, I was wondering what I do about exchanging it for the right one? I am not trying to get reimbursed just want to exchange.

iOS or Android?

iOS is here :)


Choose Purchase

Choose reason (Meant to purchase a different item)

You get an automated email saying that you’ll be assisted

You will get an email from someone at iTunes saying that you’ll be refunded in X to X business days



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What did you buy and what did you want to buy?

iPhone. I clicked on the A340 and I didnt realize I had bought the 747-8. I didnt pay it much mind when it didnt pop up until I saw that I had the 747-8 unlocked.

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Only iTunes will be able to help with this. You will need to contact them with a request for the refund. They usually will grant the refund if the purchase was very recent under these circumstances.

Try to be careful next time as I believe Apple only refund a few purchases and then you don’t have the option anymore to, that was the policy when it was launched so it could have changed but just be careful anyway :)

You Can do like 20 refunds

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