Hi guys, to comment that I pay a month for my subscription and I try to login to my account and it says that I do not have a subscription, another account appeared that I do not believe Thanks.! Screenshot_20181028-204720|830x466

Sorry, are you saying that the account shown is not your account? (Or are you saying what @Trevor_A mentioned?)

Hey so when you click that log in it says account not found?

Could u elaborate and make this a little more clear?
I can’t really understand what ur trying to say

Today I bought my suscription again, I have my accout, My range is 4 but when I opened the app is as it appears in the image. I dont know what is it, Thanks

Somebody could help me?, please thanks.

Try to hit “sign into another account” and sign into your previous account

Does the information there appear to be correct? (User-14742 is your username in Infinite Flight? And N147TF was your callsign?)

The image says that you previously had an Infinite Flight subscription on that device.
The image is asking whether you want to use that account which was on your device before now or if you want to sign in to a different subscription account.

When signing up for the subscription, did you log in with Google/Facebook? Or did you not sign in to any of those services?

This is my account. I didnt choice nothing, I only pay and after that I saw that, then, I introduced my gmail account but that say “No subscription”.

Ok. So if you would like to log in to your Google account, you’ll now have to connect/link it with your subscription (since you didn’t link it at the beginning).
In other words, your subscription is currently not connected to your Google account. So you will need to connect it.
I believe someone else in the Community will be able to find a tutorial for how to do that?

[@Trevor_A according to his last reply, I believe that he was not linked to any Google account during the purchase of the subscription. What do you think?]

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Were you logged into that account Gmail account when you bought the subscription or where you on the sign in screen?

If hes not logged into the gmail account then IF will automatically make him an account if he buys it without being logged in… so when he logs out it wouldnt show hes got a subscription on his gmail account

I have a feeling that this may be a bug.

In a very recent update, Infinite Flight began allowing users to buy a subscription without linking a Google or Facebook account.

However, they may have overlooked the part we’re talking about since there is no option in the screenshots to continue without a linked account.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

[@Trevor_A I’m a little confused, maybe re-word the post a bit?]

I be honest, My account was opening, I never close that, But When I pay it told me approved payment, after that, I did want to play, then the app didnt want working, uninstall it, then I was download again, after that They shown me that. Yes racer my account is not connected.

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Around how many days ago was the time when you bought the subscription?

It’s what you said they can buy a subscription without being logged in… but if there not logged into gmail or facebook then Infinite Flight system will automatically make them an account linked to an generic account not linked gmail or Facebook.

Today I bought it.


@Trevor_A Ok, I see.

@Sebastian_Arias So when you click the blue login button, what happens next? What options appear? (Feel free to send us a screenshot of what comes next.) Sorry that I’m asking so many questions, but hopefully I’ll be able to give you a solution soon…

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