Missions Question

Hey! So my friend awhile back was open at OGG for ATC, and in the missions tab it showed VERY random aircraft doing OGG-HNL, and also can there be FPLʻs added for missions? Because unless you are doing 3500-4000 FPM, the flight plan it supplies, runs you into the west mauiʻs…this might be a problem at other airports too.

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Right now, missions are very basic as this is the first iteration of them. As time goes on, the system will get better and a more accurate fpl will be made. Until then though, we just have to fix the fpl in order to make it accurate.

As for the aircraft, that’s another thing that will be fixed as missions get better. You could choose to do free flight with the same route as the mission but with the correct plane if you want.

Once again, this is the first iteration of missions and it’ll get better as time goes on.


Thanks! Hopefully, the FPL does get fixed because a lot of these pilots using missions don’t really know how to make proper FPLʻs and get messed up…


This would be nice if IF used SimBrief, because of now it’s just a straight line, highly unrealistic for a scheduled flight. Still love the feature though!


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