Missions Parking Not Recognized

Just completed a mission. Only four parking locations, so easy to find. The mission system won’t end because it is not recognizing the correct parking location.

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: IOS

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Hey there!

This isn’t an issue with the Missions system itself. This is happening because you’re parked at the wrong start location. You’re instructed to park at “01” - this is the full start location name - and you’re parked at “Gate 01”, meaning these are two different start locations.

The start location labels on the map only contain the start location name, unlike the pre-flight map, which features the terminal/apron/general area of the start location, and its name on a new line1. If you move your map a little further right, you’ll see a start location named just “01”, right between Stand 5 and Stand 6L. Moving to the stand in question should allow you to complete the mission successfully.

1 You can see the terminal/apron of the start location by tapping on or near the start location on the map.

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Hi Alex,

This was not the start location, as the missions automatically load us AT the start location. This is the destination. The reason I am parked at Gate 01 is because the map only showed four available spots for my aircraft. Since it said to park at “01” I assumed it was Gate 01, being that the other options were Gates 02, 03, and 04. So it is indeed a problem with the missions system. They are telling us we have to park at locations that show up as unavailable or not present at all. Why would I look for unhighlighted parking locations, as that would suggest they are not suitable for my aircraft?

My apologies, this was an oversight on my part. Has this been happening to you often? I just tried generating missions a few times in an attempt to reproduce, but I could only do so once.

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