Missions and Callsigns

I use the missions everyday - they take me to new places and take a lot of the legwork out of pre-flight for me. My request is simple; I think it would be nice if there was a checkbox or a setting we could enable that would make your callsign match the airplane in the mission (or as close as possible).

For example:

If you selected a mission that was KEWR to KBTV in a United airlines plane it would switch your callsign to United and generate a flight #.

Or say your doing a charter from EGCC to UUEE in an infinite flight livery and the callsign on the tail is N951IF (I got a little creative as I’m doing this mission right now) it would change yours to N9511F.

Super small quality of life change but it might be a cool little feature for those of us that want to get in and fly with missions but might spawn in and call to tower under a British Airways tag even though we are flying American now… 🤦🏻‍♂️