Mission: what ground speed does a fully loaded and no flap A380 takeoff at with a tailwind?

Go to KEDWs longest runway and make the weather and weight settings like this:

Make sure you don’t have any flaps down. Then hit the brakes, throttle up and release the brakes. This is what happened to me below. Comment below how this worked for you or on any future mission articles.

Takeoff at about 300 knots GS.

Ha, that’s awesome, do a 747-8 going over 800 knots airspeed!

Thank you :laughing:. This is perfect!

Damn that was a long run.

Best, Boeing707

Do we use no yoke whatsoever and let it takeoff by itself, or do we apply a bit of back yoke?

This is not a feature request, is it? Please don’t post topics in the wrong categories :)

Sorry I’m not sure what to put this in. This is sort of an infinite flight feature, not a feature request.

I think if you go to “Categories” you can see each category and the description. This “Features” category is meant for feature requests in IF only. Sorry for the confusion :)

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It says new AND existing so I’m going to keep it under Features.

That would basically mean everything in IF that is currently in the game could be put in this category. I don’t think you’re wrong, so it’s your call :)

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Anybody have any ideas for future missions?

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