Mission: to land a 737-700 slower than a Cessna 172

I don’t know how to take a video on iOS, so I’m going to use a combination of words and pictures. Ps do this in solo.

Mission: to land a 737-700 slower than a Cessna 172s landing speed.

First you need to pick the 737-700 and an approach for an airport. Make sure your landing not taking off. Next you need to go to weather and make it like the picture below:

Now hit fly. As soon as you start go to weight and balance. Make everything empty:
Now resume. The plane will really want to pitch up so bring up the flaps for the whole approach. When you hit 500 feet or about the place in the approach in the picture below bring down the flaps to full.
Okay, now the tricky part. Trim as high as you dare and perform a 20 Knt GS landing. Comment below how this worked for you. Also try a take off and see how fast you can climb😉.

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Sorry for the messed up un aligned printing and pictures.

I’m doing a couple more Mission posts. If you have any ideas for one just tell me.

How about barrel roll.

In what?

😁 obviously not in F16, take your own pick, or start with 737 ,319…

Has anyone tried this? I would like to know how it works for other people.

Okay I’ll work on it.

In real world it’s just myth, no one tried it

I mean on IF not real world…

Actually I’m not going to do that because all you do is pull back then use aileron. Something more extreme I’ll do.

😝😝😝😝😜, good luck, you might be the first in IF

Note takeoff power was 50%…

Damn that’s crazy. Touchdown at 14 knots. GS…

-90 celsius if only that was realistic in Singapore :laughing: .

Take an A380, put it to max weight and take off into 49 kt. headwinds at Edwards AFB and see how long it takes to take off and how fast you were going.


Best, Boeing707

Okay, what takeoff power?

@Cameron I’d do max power. If you do anything less, you’d probably be wasting 8 minutes waiting for takeoff :)

Best, Boeing707

Okay, the mission should be up by Monday.

Thanks man! This is gonna be good :laughing:.

Best, Boeing707

Uhm… I just tried it without winds in Everett…

Tailstrike with pitch 14°, but hey, slower airspeed than you!

Your ground speed is unbeatable…

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Sorry I got delayed, it should be up in at most 12hrs. I’m going extreme and putting every setting that doesn’t help takeoff on.