MISSION REPORT; Tanker Support

Mission Report: NOTAM 3A.Tanker Support (U)
Unclas… Texico msn #3A Vic 29 Palms, CA complete 1230Q Participants: Unk A-10, Pony10 (F-16), XPlane IRHI ((B-747 & F-16), CVX042Hvy (A-329), Navy-100 (F-14) AF-1 (B-747/VC25), Vega-31 ((F-16), UFO640AR (F-22), Texico (KC-17). See Action Photos in Event NOTAM BT. Max Sends END Unclas

Please post pics in the event post itself.

Noted. Wilco… Max

When’s the next one Max?

Hope to fly 1 per month. If aircraft carrier is adapted we’ll do Buddy Stores.
Max Sends

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Thanks man! Hope to be at the next one!

Thanks Boeing… Max

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Thanks for organising the mission Max. Really enjoy participating in it using the A330 as a RAF Voyager ( MRTT) using call sign CVX ( Chevron ) 042. Fantastic fun managed to do one “drag” myself.

On the “Drag”

On approach to the basket trailed from KC-17 “TEXACO”

Good one, max. There was some major lag or something where it looked like you slammed on the brakes, hence my abrupt break away.

This is a cool mission to keep doing. Always fun.