Mission on Experimenting the Sunrise time in different altitude!

I was wondering how does sunrise time gets affected with different altitudes, I have decided to fly an F/A18 around sunrise time and climb to 40,000 ft then returned back to KLAX!

And Result is, pilots flying at higher altitude experience sunrise earlier than pilots flying at lower altitude or on ground!

This is explained better in this link, if you are curious to know more πŸ™‚

Flight Plan: N/A
Time: Sunrise time
Location: KLAX

Ready for take off! Sun is still rising

At the highest altitude, where sun has already risen!

After landing back to KLAX, found that, Sun is still rising!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have good day!


Thats quite cool!

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Quite interesting

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Thank you 😊

Thank you!

Btw i love that klax😹

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