Seems like the mission requires pilots to park an aircraft that is too large for the parking spot mentioned in the mission.

Is this auto generated or can it be fixed to park at a spot for the suitable aircraft in the mission.

Pictures of mission and aircraft parking stand 5


this is hilarious


Yeah I guess the missions are not perfect yet… the other day it told me to park at " 03" at SKBO. I didn’t know if it was a gate, military stand, remote stand or maintenance apron. Finally found it after going in circles for 20 minutes. It was at a regional jet maintenance apron at the far end of the airport.

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At least someone create cool suggestion about missions with FR24. Jason said the same thing too! It’s really cool features and I really like it!

*You can give a vote if you want ✅

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into why it’s assigning this spot. There are 4 spots defined at KBUR that have been marked as supporting heavies (which is why this aircraft is offered as an option), but this spot does not appear to be one of them


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