Mission/Career System

This might be a very far-fetched idea, but I think it would be a cool idea for players to receive a mission that rewards them with XP.

These missions would be active on the live server, and could be a great way of bring reality into the game. Players could choose the length of their mission depending on time restrictions with work etc, and could also maybe choose a beginning airport. The mission could register all of the airports around that have active ATC and plan a route to a destination. It would then show you a list of options of where you could go and what airline you would like.

What I’m saying is that it will provide you with real-world routes and airlines that use that route, and you can fly the exact flight-path as pilots in real life. Almost like a career mode, and you would stick with that airline for a certain time period, and the program could maybe send a message that you have been offered a job at a new airline on a nicer plane.

For example, you might start off on easyJet, flying European routes. Lets say one day to fly from Manchester to Barcelona, and then back because you had the time. Then the next day, you flew from Manchester to Amsterdam. (It might be more realistic if you also chose a ‘hub’ airport where you would always fly from with that airline). You would continue to do this, and it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t do it daily, it would simply track your progress from the successful flight you have made.

Then maybe after 100 flights (This is a very rough estimate) with easyJet you get offered to fly on a Boeing 777 with British Airways, and then fly with them. There could also be an option to apply for another airline, and depending on your qualifications, they might take you on or reject you,

I know this seems ludicrous, but I thought I might share it with everyone and see what you thought :)

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Another thing there’s VA’s that run like this and have a career mode not many have such mode though :) and every VA has a rank structure meaning you have to obtain x amount of hours before flying different aircraft, and routes.

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There’s a 3rd Party App that works with IF, and does something like what you’re suggesting. I think it’s called Infinite Flight Passengers? Correct me if I’m wrong, as I don’t use it.

It has a monetary system where you fly on the starter aircraft, and pays you based on how the passengers rated your flight. You use the money to purchase other aircraft.

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The IFAE has a career mode. :)


You could join QVG (Qantas Virtual Group)! We offer a similar ranking system with the lower ranks flying the regional subsidiary Qantaslink in the 717 and the Dash 8 Q400. As you gain more hours, you get to fly bigger aircraft such as the 747 and the A380. We also offer codeshares so if you’re getting bored of the Qantas livery (hopefully you wouldn’t!) or the Australian scenery, you can hop into a British Airways A319. We also have a great community with many pilots. If you want realism, QVG is where it’s at!