Missing Wing Markings on the JetBlue A220

I just flew with the JetBlue A220, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked out of the window

Is this a bug, or were the markings forgotten on the JetBlue livery? I know they are there on the AirBaltic A220 for example



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Could someone else maybe check? Maybe it’s just a bug for me

I’m flying on the Air Baltic special livery now, and the markings are on the wings here. Could be a bug or a issue with the jetblue livery?

I am not sure… I know I also have the airBaltic wing markings, maybe my JB A220 didn’t load correctly?

i’ll check after my flight

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I am flying the air Baltic A220 it looks fine could just be a bug with the JetBlue Livery

As I said above I also have those on the AB one. I was specifically wondering about the JB A220 since it is the first one I noticed this on

MxP, JetBlue livery is missing the markings on the wings and it seems like JetBlue is the only livery that is missing the markings

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Thank you so much for checking!

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No problem mate

Now the question is if this will be fixed… I mean IF literally collaborated with JB on that livery…

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Should be atleast, maybe not now since the devs are probably taking a break

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I hope so…

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I find that funny since jetblue was the one airline that helped IF


I thought about that too hahaha

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The first picture looks like it could come from a old af plane that should definitely need a rework

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That’s also why I didn’t want to believe it…

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im weakkk but thats so true

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IF: We collaborated with JetBlue to make a very accurate A220 livery with cabin seats and lighting!
Also IF: forgets wing markings

Other liveries: